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Dr. Keith Burridge
Kenan Distinguished Professor
UNC Chapel Hill

"Mechanotransduction: From the Cell Surface to the Nucleus."


Dr. Dylan Burnette
Assistant Professor
Vanderbilt University

"Finding Meaning in the Minutia."


Dr. Rafael Garcia Mata, University of Toledo

"Regulation of epithelial junctions and polarity by the Scribble/SGEF/Dlg complex."

Dr. Ryoma Ohi, University of Michigan

"A new paradigm for microtubules minus-end organization during aster assembly in animal cells."


Dr. Ajit Joglekar, University of Michigan

"Appreciating the design of biological systems: the case of the kinetochore and the mitotic checkpoint."


Dr. Jenifer Prosperi, IUSM South Bend

"EMP2 activation by APC leads to maintenance of epithelial polarity."

Dr. Scott Crawley, University of Toledo

"Building the intestinal brush border is a sticky situation."

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