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Stay tuned for

Toledo CellulART 2020!

date to be announced soon


Toledo CellulART is an ASCB sponsored meeting that brings together the art and scientific communities of Northwestern Ohio, Southern Michigan, and Northeastern Indiana to appreciate the link between art and science while also promoting collaboration, interaction, and discussion between researchers working with the cytoskeleton.

This year's event will feature Dr. Bruce Goode as our keynote speaker and Dr. Ahna Skop as our Scientist/Artist

About our 2019 Toledo CellulART Keynote Speaker
Bruce Goode, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology, Brandeis University

Cytoskeletal Assembly and Dynamics

Bruce Goode is a Professor of Biology at Brandeis University. He earned his B.S. and his Ph.D. in Cell Biology from the University of California Santa Barbara in the lab of Stuart Feinstein studying the neuronal microtubule-associated protein Tau. He was then a postdoctoral fellow with David Drubin and Georjana Barnes at the University of California Berkeley, where he began studying actin regulation in budding yeast. In 2000, Dr. Goode started his own lab at Brandeis, where his research has focused on mechanisms controlling actin cytoskeleton remodeling in cell motility and intracellular traffic, in both yeast and mammalian cells. His research is multi-disciplinary in nature, combining in vitro single molecule TIRF imaging, single particle electron microscopy, biochemistry, genetics, and live-cell imaging. Since 2000, Dr. Goode has been the recipient of the Pew Biomedical Scholars Award, and scholar awards from the March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society. He also received a Research Career Development Award from the NIH. He is currently an editor at The Journal of Cell Biology, and is on the F1000 advisory board and the editorial board of Molecular Biology of the Cell. He also serves as an NIH study section member (NCSD). For seven years, he was the Editor-in-Chief of Cytoskeleton (2009-2016). Notable accomplishments from his lab include: (1) the discovery that formins nucleate actin assembly; (2) demonstration that formin activities can be regulated in diverse ways by in vivo binding partners (e.g., APC, CLIP-170, Bud6, Bud14, Smy1, and Hof1); (3) elucidation of unconventional forms of Arp2/3 complex regulation - by Coronin, GMF, and Abp1; (4) discovery of multi-component mechanisms driving actin disassembly (involving AIP1, Coronin, Cofilin, Twinfilin, and Srv2/CAP); and (5) identifying novel mechanisms for coordinating microtubule and actin dynamics (e.g., by APC, CLIP-170, and Profilin).

We would like to extend a thank you to all those who attended and supported the 2nd annual Toledo CellulART! We look forward to seeing you again this year.