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Toledo CellulART has always been FREE, and we would like to keep it this way. However, increasing costs are making it extremely difficult to pay for all the expenses associated with putting together a meeting for >100 attendees. In fact, this year is the first time that we won't be able to support the meeting entirely from our sponsors' contributions. We have been thinking about possible solutions, and over the years, some of our attendees have suggested that we start charging registration.

This year we would like to try something different. We are starting a fundraising campaign with the goal of creating a Toledo CellulART fund at the University of Toledo Foundation, where people would be able to make tax deductible contributions to support our meeting. To start this type of account, we need to raise $2500.

So, if you have enjoyed Toledo CellulART - whether you came to each of the five editions, or this is your first time - and if you would like us to continue offering this for free, please consider donating to this fund by clicking here. Every amount helps.

And THANKS!!!!!
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